With our awnings, your storefront will never look better no matter what weather blows through. We have a huge variety of canvas colors to choose from to make sure your awning will look just right. Combine that with our ability to imprint your business name or logo on top and you have a custom awning that will both attract attention and keep heads dry.

  • Choose from Sunbrella, Firesist, Cooley-Brite, or Weathertyte canvas brand options. We’ll be sure to help you choose which option fulfills your awning requirements.
  • We have a large variety of awning styles to choose from, including the popular traditional, gable, marquee, convex, retractable, and dome styles. We can even do custom awnings for unique storefronts.
  • All of our awnings are weather resistant, with extra options for weatherproof and marine-grade awning fabric available.
  • Imprint your awning with your store name or logo and really bring the customers in. We offer traditional awnings as well as backlit awnings which let your name shine even at night.
  • We can also provide awnings for your home residence or stand-alone application. Let us help you plan the perfect patio or doorway entrance for your home.
  • All of our frames are made out of welded aluminum, which will never rust or corrode no matter the weather.
  • If you already have an old awning in place on your storefront from before, you’re in luck. We can do a canvas recover of an existing awning frame and save you a little cash along the way.

We provide full design, manufacturing, and installation services with all of our awnings. From start to finish, you can depend on us without having to work between multiple companies or firms. Turn your storefront into something to remember with our professional awnings.

We can fabricate any size and shape awning frame, however here are some popular styles:

Retractable Awnings

Our Solar Shield retractable awnings give homeowners the versatility they need to control outdoor sun and shade all year round. This means that families can enjoy full sun, full shade, or even half shade at any time and at a much lower cost than conventional construction.

  • Retractable awnings create an elegant outdoor living space while simultaneously protecting your family and your home from damaging weather and sun.
  • The unique design of the Solar Shield frame makes it unlike any other.  Through the use of its proprietary spring loaded shoulder joint assembly, the awning absorbs the impact of sudden gusts of wind, preventing unnecessary strain and stress on your house.
  • The durable fabric used is also weather-resistant and helps protect your home from damaging sunlight.
  • Retractable patio and porch awnings not only offer protection from harmful UV rays, but also provide shade for your outdoor furnishings as well as those inside your home. Shaded windows protect your furniture from sun damage and fading while also cutting down on costly air conditioning bills.

In addition to protecting against sunlight, retractable awnings also provide a refuge from rain, giving your family and your guests a comfortable outdoor experience. And, since our Solar Shield awnings are easy to operate and simple to use, you can expand or retract them at any time.

Awning Material Color Charts

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