Carved Signs

Our HDU and PVC carved signs are premium quality that can’t be beaten. Providing the look and feel of wooden carved signs, our carved signs suffer from none of the drawbacks at a more affordable price. Combining these qualities with our high-grade finishes results in a sign ready to last while looking beautiful. We only use the highest and densest grade of material to create the strongest and most dependable carved sign possible.

  • Outdoor wooden signs will crack, split, warp, and rot over the years, quickly becoming unsightly. Our carved signs on the other hand are weather resistant and will not suer from any of these problems.
  • Marine grade enamel paint ensures a smooth, beautiful finish that repels weather with ease. Combined with the resistant properties of our signs, this creates a very low-maintenance carved sign.
  • For an elegant touch, we also have the option of 23K Gold and Silver Leaf as accent finishes to make your sign stand out with flair.
  • Digitally printed backgrounds and accents are a great choice for signs that need some extra punch.
  • 3-D raised accents can be combined with any of the above finishes to create a truly unique sign that will be sure to grab the attention of passerby.
  • Our signs can be pole mounted or wall mounted depending upon your sign needs. Our sturdy aluminum poles can be painted any color and are just as weather resistant as the signs they hold.
  • Decorative finial options for pole tops create a small accent that makes a big difference.
  • Our carved signs can be cut to any shape. No matter what shape you’re looking for, we can provide a solution.

With so many options available, our signs are only limited by the imagination. We provide full design and schematic services to meet your needs in creating the perfect carved sign.

The Secret Sauce

Our carved signs go through a proprietary process, developed by us, that uses a combination of glues, synthetic material layers and high pressure to create a finished product that is incredibly strong and resistant to warping.  Instead of a single piece of material, we use layers, which increases the stability of the sign panel.  This process also allows for installation bars to go through the entirety of the panel, marrying the posts and sign panel together upon installation.  Its requires a lot of extra work, but its worth it to us in the end to build superior products that will outlast our competitors.  We make 100% of our carved signs in-house, giving us full control over the whole production process.  Most other sign companies “sub out” carved signs to wholesalers who make them cheap and fast.  Carved signs are our specialty, and nobody else makes them the way we do.  Nobody.

We use genuine 23k Gold & Palladium Leaf.

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