Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are a high-impact way to get your message across. An affordable option for all types of applications, it’s a mainstay of event signage. Our large-format printer can make coroplast signs in a huge variety of sizes with full-color printing, ready for all your needs.

  • Coroplast is a corrugated plastic material, weatherproof for at least a month of sustained outdoor use or even years of periodic use with proper care.
  • Our patching process means that dates and other information can be changed from year to year for periodic events without causing you to need a new sign.
  • Full-color digital printing means your sign can stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Sizes up to four feet by eight feet are available, with every sign made custom to the size you need. Metal grommets ensure that you can apply a secure hold wherever the sign may go.
  • Smaller signs are ideal for placement on lawns for temporary event signage or other messages. Provided step stakes are a quick and easy way to put up many small signs in a variety of areas.
  • A-frames are available for use wherever you need a freestanding coroplast sign. With a sturdy aluminum frame, it’s ideal for outside use. Panels can be switched with ease to change your message.
  • Putting a sign in your window is easy with our suction cups. Just hook the suction cups into each corner and your coroplast sign is ready to hang.
  • Our full design services will get you a perfect sign design every time.

Our coroplast signs are a great low-cost solution for temporary and event signage. The variety of uses for these signs is incredible. Perfect for grand openings, events, sales, directions, and more.

Our temporary and corrugated plastic signs have a variety of frames available for mounting.  Here are a few of our popular styles:

T-Bar Stake

Folding "A" Frame

Picture Style Frame

Bottom Rider Frame


Step Stake Wire Frames

Real Estate Hanging Sign Frame

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