Architectural Pin & Channel Lettering

Both pin lettering and channel lettering are stand-out ways to put a name on your business. We offer a range of styles, from plastic to aluminum to even stainless steel. All are made for stellar outdoor use but can even be used indoors. These are quality letters made to last.

  • Pin lettering comes in a variety of sizes and depths, down to only a few inches high to lettering that’s taller than a person. We’re sure to be able to make a size that fits your storefront.
  • Pin lettering also comes in a variety of styles which includes plastic, aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. On top of that the letters can even be finished with brushed, polished, oxidized, and patina looks.
  • If the look of metal letters isn’t for you, we can also paint the letters any color you like. The sides of the letters can even be painted differently from the faces.
  • Channel lettering attaches the same way as regular pin lettering but lights up instead. We use LEDs which are both long-lasting and inexpensive to power.
  • Both front-lit and halo-lit options are available for channel letters. Halo-lit involves a solid face and lighting the letters from behind, so that the letters are dark against the bright wall. This is a unique alternative sure to catch a passerby’s eye.
  • You don’t have to stick to just letters. Custom cut icons and graphics can also be made as pin lettering or channel lettering so your business can have the complete look.
  • Both pin letters and channel letters can be mounted on backgrounds to create new possibilities such as perpendicular signs with pin lettering.

Pin letters and channel letters are both long-lasting and visually impressive ways to get your business out there. Ask us today what sign options would be perfect for you, and we’ll put together a custom quote.

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