Acrylic & PVC Signs

Acrylic and sintra signs are the stars of indoor signage. Digitally printed in full color, almost any design you desire is open to you. They shine in almost every role, from the humble restroom sign to large lobby signs. Affordable and with a variety of sizes and options, these signs are a great choice for everything indoor.

  • Acrylic signs have a look like no other sign. Under lighting, the clear face brightens up and makes the back print stand out like no other. With additional standoffs to hold the sign away from the wall, it creates an even stronger visual effect.
  • Instead of a solid background, acrylic signs can be completely clear with spot vinyl to showcase the wall behind as much as the sign in front. Frosted back options are also available for a wide array of display options.
  • Sintra signs are printed on the front with a complete wrap-around design that keeps them looking fresh and modern.
  • Both types of signs can come in a variety of thicknesses, with wide thicknesses available to give your signs extra presence.
  • Acrylic and sintra signs are lightweight and many can attach with just double sided tape for a quick and painless installation. Our industrial-strength double-sided tape ensures that your signs hold solid. Stand-off attachments in clear, aluminum, and other finishes are available instead whenever the need calls for them.
  • Full-color printing means we can print anything on your signs, no matter how colorful or detailed. Choose a design that suits you perfectly. Our designers are here to create the perfect design if you don’t have one in mind already.

Versatile, colorful, and affordable, acrylic and sintra signs are the perfect choice for indoor signage. Use them for your entire wayfinding system and you won’t be disappointed.

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